Basic Sewing Tools
Basic Sewing Tools

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Upcoming DIY Sewing and design projects

Many of the tutorials I create for you go through several phases to be perfected before I present them to you.  Like many crafters we all have a stash of projects that we are working on.  These are some of the upcoming tutorials to watch for!

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Custom Monograms with BERNINA Designer V7

   Monogram Towel Embroidery Custom BERNINA V7 Software BERNINA 580e

My grandmother gave me this beautiful, antique mirror and comb set from the 50’s.  I absolutely adore it!

I decided I wanted to take the ornate gold design from this piece and repeat this style in some monogrammed hand towels.

Here’s how I did it:

Open V7 Designer Software

Insert Embroidery BERNINA V7 DesignerSelect Insert Embroidery

Navigate to the Ornaments Folder and select Gold Flower.ART70
BERNINA v7 Software Educator Vanessa Empire Digitizing

Select OPEN.

Next, Select your letter by typing the letter “A” on your keyboard, or simply selecting the Lettering Tool from the Digitize Toolbar on the left side of your screen.

Digitize Lettering Embroidery Custom Towel Monogram BERNINA V7 Vanessa Empire The Tailors Daughter

Monogram Towels Designer Custom Embroidery BERNINA Vanessa Empire

Type your Initial and select the font Microgramma and input size as 1.5”.

Select “OK”.

Next select a new color thread from the color pallet on the right.

Select Lettering again from the Digitize Toolbox.

Type your name and change the height to .30”.

Select “OK”.  

Next, Turn your Grid on by clicking the Grid button with your mouse.

 Turn your Grid on BERNINA V7 Vanessa Empire Software classes
Now use the grid to line everything up straight.

 Monogram V7 Embroidery Custom Design Vanessa Empire BERNINA

Finally, let’s add a basting stitch around the design to help hold the towel down.

Do this by selecting a new color from the pallet to the right. Select the color by clicking on it.

Next, select Rectangle from the Digitize Toolbox on the left.

Finally select Single Outline from the Stitch Types listed at the bottom of your screen.

Draw the rectangle by clicking once at the top left corner, and then clicking again at the bottom right hand corner. 
Learn to digitize Vanessa Empire BERNINA v7 Software Studio BERNINA

The default on this stitch is 2.5mm stitch length.  Since we are basting, let’s make this stitch 4mm so that we can rip it out easily!

To do this, right click on the rectangle and open Object Properties.
BERNINA v7 digitizing software classes Vanessa Empire Studio BERNINA


Change the stitch length to 4.00 mm.


Select OK.

Finally, we want to change the basting stitch to the first thing that sews out in the embroidery machine. 
To do this, select the layer in your Color Film that includes the rectangle. In the image below it is the box that is highlighted in blue.
Learn embroidery digitizing BERNINA V7 Embroidery Vanessa Empire
With the Basting layer selected, press Move to Start button at the top of the Color Film box.

After you have pressed that button, your Color Film should look like this:
Embroidery BERNINA V7 Classes educator Vanessa Empire


Finally, lets lay this out in the hoop.  I am using my B580e, so I will be using the Large Oval hoop with presser foot #26.
Click the Hoop Button at the top:

Hoop selection on Embroidery V7 Digitizing software Vanessa Empire


Select BERNINA Large Oval Hoop, 255 x 145, #26Learn to hoop your embroidery BERNINA V7 Software Vanessa Empire
Make sure you check the box "Show Hoop".
Select "OK"


Your screen should look something like this:


Learn to digitize BERNINA v7 Software embroidery

Finally let’s send this design to a USB stick.

To do so, plug in a USB into your computer.

Next, Select the Sewing Machine Icon.

Send your embroidery design to your sewing machine BERNINA v7 Sofware classes Vanessa Empire Studio BERNINA


 Once you select the Sewing Machine Icon, a Device Selection window will open.

For the B580e, I am selecting the first box on the top left, “EXP” with a picture of a USB.

You will get a confirmation that your design has been saved to your USB, and now you are ready to plus your USB stick into your machine and stitch!

*Note: Make sure you save this design on your computer ALSO so that you will have it for the future.  I always suggest to my students not to rely on a USB stick to save your designs, only to move your designs from the software to the machine!

Happy Designing!

Do it yourself interior design interior decor wall mounted vases
Wall Mounted Fresh Decor - DIY Decor Idea's - The Tailor's Daughter
This poor wall in my house was not big enough for a big piece of art work, and yet needed some special attention.
These vases are SUPER inexpensive to make, and can be a planned in any creative way that you see fit.  It is an exceptional way to add flowers to a beautiful corner, without needing a table!  Here's how you do it.

I went to Lowes and got the supplies
  • 3/8" All Threaded Rod
  • 3/8" Ceiling Flange
  • 3/4" Galvanized Split Ring
  • Vases from Hobby Lobby
  • Fresh Flowers

And... voila! Fresh Flowers in an unexpected place!

I am thinking of candles... tiki torches? What will you put on your walls?


DIY Before Picture Chair


DIY Interior Design, home decor, Recover chairs, DIY Upholstery    

fabric by KRAVET from Studio BERNINA

To do this project you will need the following supplies.

  • Heavy Duty Staple Gun
  •  Large Staples (depending on the thickness of your fabric)
  • Screwdriver
  • Batting
  • Heavy Duty Fabric- The fabric used in this tutorial is an Interior Upholstery Fabric, however you can use a heavy duty cotton twill, or blend.
  • Stool (for convenience)
Diy home decor
First, remove the cushions from the chair by the screws on the underside.  Typically these will be in each four corners.
Removed cushions from chair to be upholstered 
2. Remove all old staple, and remove fabric. 
   Remove staples from chair to reupholster  
  Cut Fabric and Batting and lay seat upside down on top of fabric.



After the corners are stapled, staple the centers. (image 5)  Then cut out the extra in the corners (image 6)


Fold raw edges inside and run staples along edge.  Repeat on other side making sure the fabric butts up.  Repeat on all 4 corners.

I used a stool to balance this chair since it has arms.  It helped me have more leverage for screwing the seats back on.
and ta-daaah! Drabby to Couture Glam!
DIY Interior Design, home decor, Recover chairs, DIY Upholstery
Have fun with this tutorial!
Fashionably, Vanessa