Basic Sewing Tools
Basic Sewing Tools

BERNINA Foot of the week lesson by The Tailor's Daughter
BERNINA Presser foot tutorials

Upcoming DIY Sewing and design projects

Many of the tutorials I create for you go through several phases to be perfected before I present them to you.  Like many crafters we all have a stash of projects that we are working on.  These are some of the upcoming tutorials to watch for!

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See what is currently in the works in my sewing room

Here's a quick look at things that are currently in the making in my sewing room.

DIY Pleated Skirt tutorial in the sewing room
Pleated skirt with Waistband
Fabric: Liberty of London from Studio BERNINA

Summer time diy fashion sweater upgrade
Summer Sweater Upgrade

Fashion sports jersey for girls with lace
For the feminine sports fan...