BERNINA Foot of the week lesson by The Tailor's Daughter
BERNINA Presser foot tutorials

Upcoming DIY Sewing and design projects

Many of the tutorials I create for you go through several phases to be perfected before I present them to you.  Like many crafters we all have a stash of projects that we are working on.  These are some of the upcoming tutorials to watch for!

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Tools for Sewing Success - Tape Measure BERNINA seam ripper - The Tailor's Daughter - Tools for Sewing Success Magnetic BERNINA pin pod - The Tailor's Daughter - Tools for Sewing Success Loop Turner - Tools for Sewing Success - The Tailor's Daughter basic sewing supplies - Glass Head Pins - Tools for Sewing Success by the Tailor's Daughter Point Turner - Tools for Sewing Success - The Tailor's Daughter
   A tape measure is mandatory for fitting, measuring and laying out patterns
  Not all rippers are created equal.  I have had the same ripper for over 15 years.  The BERNINA ripper is sharp and STAYS sharp to make a chore like ripping faster and easy!
Magnetic Pin Cushion-  BERNINA brand pin pods have a strong magnet that make spilled pins a breeze to pick up... and I notice this magnet to be stronger than many other generic brands.

  Loop turner- This is a great tool for making straps for tops, drawstrings and much more!
Glass Head Pins 1-3/8"-  Make sure you use GLASS and not PLASTIC. 

 Point Turner- Use this great tool to poke out points after they are sewn without puncturing your fabric.
  Must Have Threads

Mettler Polyester Thread     Cotton Mettler Fine Embroidery Thread     Tire Silk Thread Machine Twist     Tire Brand Silk Buttonhole Twist
Mettler Polyester                  Mettler Fine Embroidery     Tire Silk Machine Twist                 Tire Silk Buttonhole Twist

Mettler Polester All Purpose Thread- This is our favorite!  It has a beautiful weave that is one of the cleanest threads on the market.  Use this thread for all types of sewing, while protecting your sewing machine from unwanted dirty lint.

Mettler Fine Embroidery Thread- This cotton thread is perfect for machine made button holes and any heavey satin stitch.  The cotton fibers puff up and fill in the gaps between stitches.

Tire Silk Machine Twist- This is beautiful thread for handsewing

Tire Silk Buttonhole Twist- Use this thread for making bound buttonholes

One of my favorite custards asked me "Why so many types of scissors", when she was embarking on the journey of learning to sew.  Here is what we prefer...
Basic sewing scissor recommendations
  1. 45mm Rotary blade- Make sure you have two blades in action at all times. One will be used only for paper patterns and the other only for fabric.
  2. 8" Gingher Shears- These are used for cutting fabric with a nap, such as faux fur, velvet or any other textile similar.
  3. 5" Kinfe Edge Ginghers- These are used for light to medium fabrics and used most often for trimming, grading, clipping, neckline facings, arm holes, marking notches, and more!
  4. 4" Knife Edge Scissors- These are used for light to medium weight fabrics perfect for trimming and grading small spaces, and great for cutting bound buttonholes.
  5. Rainbow Kut- These spring back clippers are great for embroidery and close thread cutting
Marking Tools
Tools for Sewing Success - Fabric Marker Tools for Sewing Success - Transfer Marker Tools for sewing success - Pastel Chalk Marker
      Purple Disappearing Marker- This marker disappears from light exposure
 Blue Disappearing Marker- This marker disappears from water exposure, such as steam or wash.
  Generals Pastel Chalk- Use this marking tool on fabrics that are too dark for the other markers.  Make sure you test your fabric first to make sure it will just brush right off.

Tools for sewing success - needle guide